How new product development will grow your PE portfolio companies: "Historically, private equity firms have relied on merger and acquisitions to drive growth. But as the M&A landscape continues to evolve and competition for deals tightens, more PE firms are turning their focus to an emerging, but often overlooked, engine for growth – New Product Development (NPD) ..." Mergers and Acquisitions Magazine (, May 3, 2018


​​​​​With Asian competition rising, it's time to reboot Michigan R&D: "The release earlier this year of the 2016 Science and Engineering Indicators by the National Science Foundation offered one of those good news/bad news scenarios that should set off alarm bells for business leaders and public officials alike ... " Crain's Detroit Business, Oct. 10, 2016  

Leaders vs. laggards: Shift into growth mode, making R&D a priority: "The Great Recession is over and your business survived! Now, it’s time to shift gears out of crisis mode and go full speed ahead into new product development and growth. This can be quite a bumpy transition, but this willingness to embrace calculated risk and invest in growth is the true difference between leaders and laggards ... " Crain's Detroit Business, Sept. 30, 2016 


driving organic growth through Innovation & New Product Development